S T I L L E furniture is handcrafted from white oak and walnut. It’s made to last, and built on the principle that what’s made slow and built by hand is done right. We use old world techniques paired with modern machinery to make pieces that will bridge generations.

Made In California

Every piece of furniture created by S T I L L E is designed and made in Templeton, California. From the first drawing to the finishing touches, every step takes place in a restored 1920’s barn converted into a modern wood shop. Inspired by world travels, while made at home.


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Hey, I’m Kyle

Growing up buying and selling antique furniture with my grandmother, I learned what true craftsmanship looked like. In examining antique pieces, she taught me the value of dependable production and how beautiful pieces can surpass generations. In developing my personal style, I prioritized learning from the best craftsman and in my education, I learned the art of forging timeless pieces - just like the ones my grandmother taught me to appreciate. 

As I’ve traveled the world, I’ve been inspired by global craftsman, their processes, and designs. Through these experiences, STILLE was born. I am compelled by creating pieces that combine a traditional handworking style with a simplistic yet beautiful design, while retaining the soul of a long lasting piece.